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Jane Dunnewold takes on the Critical Committee

There's that one email I keep returning to. It's from Jane Dunnewold, textile artist and teacher extraordinaire, founder of the Creative Strength Training program.   "Take back ownership of your cr...

Paint by Number

I know how many people will read these words.  I also how many people will open the email I am about to send, how many will click any link in that email, which link, when and how often. I am well a...

To See and Be Seen

Every visual artist wants her work to be seen.  “By whom”, “where” and “how” is the question.  Last weekend’s Woodlands Waterway Art Festival provided me incredible insight into the extremely compe...

Woodland Waterways Art Festival

I am very excited (and a little nervous) to be in my very first outdoor art festival in The Woodlands, Texas on April 10th and 11th. I've got lots of lots of artwork.  I will be showing a new seri...

The Valiant Video

Instagram Reels are all the rage.  The question is: how do you show slow work in a fast format?

Miraculous Mentors

To “emerge” at fifty-plus is a sobering challenge rooted in the humbling return to square one - like returning to kindergarten after getting a  PhD.  I am grateful for my many mentors, even as I t...

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