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Apron attitude

Aprons have a complicated relationship with work and power.  PM Neist embroidered aprons offer a colorful alternative infused with symbols and craftsmanship.

Be the dreamer

To dream is to allow ourselves the complete creativity to build the universe we need to restore our spirit, heal, laugh, think, play and most of all, rest.   In her podcast titled "Le Paradis est i...

To be safe

Cute embroidery is always a safe bet.  Embroidery art isn't.  But it's a lot more exciting and thrilling.

The art of hope

This past summer, I worked on an entry for The Faris Foundation's Art Is Hope contest. The foundation works to "bring brighter days and treatment to children with cancer". There are many contests ...

Masked Unmasked

I never thought I would cover my face in public. But here I am, grocery-shopping with a perky little yellow cotton mask from the Gap. Never mind that I am from France, a country that for almost t...

The Shadow Merchant

There's this woman, Paola from Barcelona, who trades in boxes of shadows. I know this because I purchased a set of sixty for less than twenty bucks which, as the price of shadows go, is a really ...

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