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Tinder man - Titus

Created as a response to the vagaries of online dating, tinder men brim with style and personality.  Each tinder man is perfectly unique, hand-sewn and hand-embroidered with a stunning level of detail.

Measuring 12", Titus is stocky but oh-so-brainy.  And just look at those aviator glasses, finely embroidered pants and sumptuous beard.  Take Titus home.  He is a low-key, low-maintenance type of guy.  You new little buddy.

Titus is hand-sewn with cotton.  Polyester filling.  Think of Gaspard as your little pillow man; the back of him is plain muslim.  The front is hand-embroidered with polyester, cotton and silk.  Oh!  And he has a secret pocket!  For secret messages.


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