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Spirit Fills Him

 Inspired by the story of Zechariah, “Spirit Fills Him” illustrates the faith and strength that arise from surrendering to events beyond our control or comprehension.  Deserving of the best craftsmanship, this panel is intricately embroidered with over 40 distinct stitches, making this working a tribute to the patience of both art and faith.

This unique, richly embroidered panel is part of a series of four works with spiritual themes.  The sober background of wool suiting sets the stage for the striking scene of man being filled with spirit.  Rich in design, imagery and craftsmanship, this piece will become the focal point of your personal space.

The work which measures 25” x 37”, was realized with white canvas and quilting cotton backed with recycled felt.  It was embroidered with both applique and reverse applique embroidered with wool and cotton.  The work is designed to hang directly on a wall.

Hanging system sold separately.

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