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Heirloom Plate Accordion Girl

Ximania is a spirited girl with an unusual name and extraordinary talent.

Hand-painted on textured white stoneware, Ximania illustrates the oh-so-hard letter "X" from a 19th century alphabet:"X is for Ximania, a young girl from Spain, whose sweet songs ask for again and again".

This finely detailed work in contrasting shades of blue, grey and red, will delight for its whimsical originality and layered story.  Take a look at the grey landscape, notice the black bull on the horizon, the three layers on hand painted patterns on the rim of the plate. Ximania's white socks and how she keeps the beat with her right foot.  All in one delightfully unique plate.

The plate, which measures 6.25" is in mint condition.   Ximani will make a perfect unique decoration for a child's bedroom or she might just be the one you need to inspire your work space...

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