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Nourished Heirloom Bib

The first bite of a gingerbread cookie, warm from the oven.  A sip of milk.  A mother’s hands tying the ribbons of a baby’s bib.  The “Nourished Heirloom Bib” celebrates the sweetness of childhood and the joy of nourishing our loved ones.

Made with a particularly fine antique baby bib with a handmade lace crochet motif depicting two bunnies, “Nourished” was embroidered extensively with a white on white motif and red lettering.  The bib was adorned with a whimsical vintage three-prong fronk depicting a little man.  The bib was then hand-stitched to a dark burgundy corduroy background over a recycled felt backing.  The piece, which measures 18’ by 24” can be hung directly from the wall with a set of velcro-backed steel bars.  Or it can be mounted into a standard frame with, or without a mat.  Sold unframed.   

Visit the frame and mounting page for framing and wall hanging systems.

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