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Pink Dancers

Dynamic and colorful, the pink dancers compliment each other and add movement and energy to the space they define.   “Housedress” and “True” are part of the exclusive (Un)masked series of nine hand-embroidered fashion drawings.  Cheeky and bold, these two pieces will become the centerpiece of your collection.

The Pink Dancers are hand-drawn and hand-embroidered works on paper which incorporate collage, cut work and an original fashion drawing.  The pink and yellow hand-painted backgrounds, contemporary subject matter and unusual material contribute to creating the vibrancy of these unique pieces of art.  Acrylic and pencil on paper.  Linen, cotton and polyester twine embroidery.   

Each work measures 10” by 10” and is designed to be fit in a standard 14” x 14” square frame with mat. 

Price is for artwork only.  Visit the Frame/mat page for additional framing options.

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