PM Neist: handcrafted textile art, gifts and home decor.

Refined contemporary collections of handcrafted home decor and textile art, produced in small batches or made to order.  With focused intention and pride in craftsmanship, PM NEIST creates one-of-a-kind textile pieces that bring style, flair and uniqueness to your home .  Steeped in the French artisanal heritage, PM NEIST's methods ensure that you will enjoy the highest quality and originality in both design and execution.


Celebrate love with handcrafted heirlooms of vintage and natural material.

Add Whimsy

Uplift your spirit with art that showcases uniqueness and attention to detail.

Handcrafted perfection

Experience the softness, durability and luxury of handcrafted textiles.

Refined home decor

Handmade for the discerning individual and exclusive to the PM Neist Collection.

Lasting Quality

Small batch production of the highest artisanal and artistic quality.

French tradition

French-sourced vintage material and artisanal methods of long-standing traditions.

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"I love the ambiguity of fiber. I love that I can create art as well as functional objects, be both artist and artisan. Our world is awash in so much clothing and household fabric that there is an abundance of fantastic raw material to choose from. The majority of my work utilizes recycled and vintage natural material of exceptional beauty and quality."